Christian Flag Removed

The removal of the Christian flag at the Veteran’s Memorial in King, NC on Sept. 16 has created an unprecedented visitation to the Memorial. People are coming from all over the state to show their support of flying the Christian Flag.

The King City Council in North Carolina decided to take down a Christian flag that had flown at the Veteran’s Memorial since it was built in 2004, after they were threatened with a lawsuit. A local King businessman and Afghanistan war veteran known only as “Steve” initiated this firestorm.

The city attorney told WGHP-TV they had received a letter from the ACLU and the North Carolina chapter of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State vowing to sue if the flag was not taken down. City leaders estimated it would cost as much as $300,000 to fight a possible lawsuit.

City manager John Cater told WGHP-TV it was strictly a matter of economics citing “the enormous cost associated with fighting a potential lawsuit on the issue.”
The flag is not the only worry on city hall’s mind these days. The statue of a soldier kneeling with his gun at the grave of a fallen comrade, placed at the Memorial in the last year, is also under scrutiny by those who claim their First Amendment rights are being violated. The grave in the statue is represented by a cross, which has further fired up the local veteran who is responsible for the removal of the Christian flag.

The veterans placed the Christian flag in front of the memorial and have vowed to stand guard there. One man who is committed to having someone stay there night and day is Ray Martini, a U.S. veteran who lives in Winston-Salem. “This is not about me,” Martini stresses. “I’m just speaking for the majority.”

Martini and many others have committed to keeping their vigil at least through the scheduled protest rally on Sat., Oct. 23. The protest/march will be held on October 23rd at 10:00 AM at Calvary Baptist Church on Main Street in King.

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One Response to Christian Flag Removed

  1. Tom Lowe says:

    Fight the good fight. As a retired combat veteran whose Step Father, Dellie Gray Fulk, has a stone there, I say fight the commie loving ACLU and those who have trampled on our rights for so long. I also encourage the community to find out who the person is who has caused all this trouble and peacefully deal with it. If he is a businessman in the local community then we all have the right to avoid doing business with him. I also would contribute to any defense fund set up to fund a fight against this issue. I bet millions of people would contribute.

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