People Divided Over Flag

King, NC — For more than a month, people in King have been divided over a flag.

The city council took down the Christian flag that flew over the Veteran’s Memorial at Central Park in September after an Afghan war veteran asked it be taken down. The ACLU then threatened a lawsuit claiming the flag violated the separation of church and state.

Since the flag came down, people in support of flying the flag have staged protests, and even put up their own Christian flag.
A group of veterans is guarding the flag and memorial until this weekend ahead of a planned rally. Not everyone, though, is for the Christian flag being flown.

Tracey, a member of a group called Peace for Life, said the controversy is causing problems in the town. “We are completely divided now. It’s, people hate each other in this town now, if you don’t agree with the flag staying up, you are vilified.”

Peace for Life supports the man they call Anonymous Steve, the war veteran who originally requested the flag be removed. Group members say they believe in equal rights for everyone and following the Constitution. Another group member named Lee Ann said that’s where the flag flap comes in. “Our city officials were here and voted on by ‘we the people,’ and we the people are not just Christians. We’re not just white, black, we’re everything.”

Lee Ann says she is a Christian, and standing up for Anonymous Steve is the right thing to do. “I love everyone, and I’m going to defend Steve, because that’s what Jesus would do.”

This Saturday, October 23, veterans in favor of flying the flag will hold a rally at the memorial.

 WFMY News 2

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