Memorial History

One of King’s popular attractions is the Veteran’s Memorial that opened in 2004. The memorial is dedicated to all veterans who have served in any of the five branches of the armed services from World War I to the present. The memorial was constructed in the shape of a pentagon honoring the five branches – Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and the Coast Guard. Area citizens participated in the project by donating memorial pavers that were placed at the site in remembrance of the veteran. The memorial was constructed to contain approximately 1800 veteran’s pavers. Pavers still remain for purchase at King City Hall. The interior of the memorial was constructed with an American Star that came to symbolize American troops. This area is covered by a pool of water. At the middle of the pool area a black-granite, 5-sided wall stands that has inscribed on it the names of local veterans who were killed in action. The black-granite is washed by an upper pool that symbolizes the many tears shed for the veterans who gave their all. On top of the fountain walls fly 10 flags commemorating the five branches of the military, the NC State flag, POW flag, City of King flag, American Legion flag, and, in the center of them, the American flag. The theme for the Veteran’s Memorial is -“All gave some…and some gave all.”

Until recently a Christian flag was flown along side the other flags. An Afghanistan war veteran complained about the Christian flag being flown at a Veteran’s Memorial and it was removed. The city’s attorney advised its removal, and the King City Council was encouraged to remove it by the American Civil Liberties Union and Americans United for Separation of Church and State.


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